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Creating a solid
Data Foundation
for your Smart City. 

We deliver a data-centric digital ecosystem for stakeholders unlocking high-value citizen experiences, bringing your development to life.

Stakeholders that invest in smart technology & data connectivity today, will be poised to meet the challenges of future cities.

Accelerate Business and Operational Efficiencies

We identify, aggregate, digitise, and structure your current pool of data resulting in a dynamic data layer that can be used to build out the digital functionalities and Smart City experiences required - maximising the impact of smart data capture to accelerate your business and operational processes.

Citizen Companion for Smart City


Smart Parking for Smart City

Smart Parking  

Smart Mission Control for Smart City

Command & Control  

Smart Water Management for Smart City

Smart Water

Smart Maintenance for Smart City

Predictive Maintenance  

Energy and Utilities for Smart City

Energy & Utilities 

Smart Events and Notifications for Smart City
Smart Events and Notifications for Smart City
Smart Traffic Management for Smart City

Smart Notifications & Events

Boundless Entertainment Smart City

Boundless Entertainment    

AI and Analytics for Smart City

AI & Analytics   

Developers & Owners

Our approach provides stakeholders with a data-centric intelligent and collaborative digital ecosystem.   ​


Maximising the benefits of your current technology investments by increasing footfall and enabling the creation of new data-driven services that meet the changing needs of citizens, businesses and municipalities alike.

Cloud Providers  

We partner with cloud providers leveraging the latest AI and data analytics technologies  to offer unique value-add solutions that attract enterprise customers.

Operators & Facility Managers

We provide data modelling and structuring to support routine and "mission control" critical applications, providing a new level of visibility and insight across your portfolio, reducing operational expenditures and improving the performance of assets throughout their life cycle.

Digital Business Transformation 

We understand that in order to drive true digital transformation, leveraging emerging technologies must also be aligned with strategy, processes, business operations and technology stack. 

Leveraging your existing IoT & ICT infrastructure to enable new data-driven services delivering exponential public value

Dynamic User Interfaces

IoT Systems and Devices

Cloud Integration, Streaming & Analytics

Cloud Solutions for Smart City
Dynamic use interface for smart cities
Data Layers for Smart Cities

IoT Systems & Devices

Deploying best-in-class digital tools to pioneer future city innovations leveraging cloud computing, AI and Big Data

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Fabric
Microsoft Dynamics for smart cities
Cesium for Smart Cities
Splunk for Smart Cities

Why Smart Cities?


Technology spend on

Smart City initiatives


Market  Annual 

Growth Rate


Reduction in

Water Consumption


Reduction in 

Energy Spending


Emissions Reduced

Our Partners

Publicis Sapient Partner for Smart Cities
Microsoft Parter
Microsoft partner for smart cities
Nuclia Partner

Maximise the Impact of
your Smart Data.

Our Team

We have a multi-disciplined team that understands the challenges surrounding the digitisation of the built environment. 


Our experienced team have decades of experience in real estate development, commercial construction, systems integration, applied machine learning and large-scale data engineering , with specific expertise in the MENA region.

Contact us today to see how we help customers make optimal use of their data as they build the developments and cities of the future.  

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