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The Building Blocks of Smart Cities.

A 'Smart City' relies on data being collected, distributed, and shared in real-time with all relevant stakeholders, from municipal staff to businesses and citizens.

This requires an effective technology infrastructure.  

IoT Sensors
Internet of Things

Real time IoT sensors deployed to collect a range of data, from air quality and traffic volumes to energy usage and water levels.

Connectivity - Building Block for Smart Cities

Pervasive connectivity both wired networks & comprehensive 4G/5G communications network spanning the city development. 

Data Platform for Smart Cities
Data Platform

A powerful data platform that can bring data together, enrich, and analyse it - as well as open standards of data that can be shared. 

Smart User Interface for Smart Cities
Dynamic User Interface

User friendly interfaces delivering information to citizens & businesses including online portals, digital signage, apps & data visualisations.  

Data Governance
Data Governance

Strong data governance with best practice processes to safeguard security, data quality, anonymisation, and privacy.

Data Analytics and AI
Data Analytics

Ways of analysing and using data (AI, digital twins & automation) enabling effective actions to be taken, based on real-time information.


Our Story

Our experienced team have decades of experience in:


  • Real Estate Development 

  • Commercial Construction 

  • Systems Integration

  • Applied Machine Learning

  • Large-scale Data Engineering

What sets us apart is our
deep sector experience

We have a keen understanding of the challenges around digitising this sector, and are passionate about providing data solutions for a more connected and sustainable built environment. 

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