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Consultancy Services

We specialize in solving complex commercial construction challenges.  With our ‘data first’ approach, we empower project teams to maximize the impact of their data capture, accelerating business and operational processes across the value chain of ‘future city’ construction projects—from concept design to operations and maintenance.


Our approach allows project owners to not only digitally monitor progress on-site, but through the application of AI and data analytics, to gain specific insights on where performance can be optimized resulting in specific and measurable time and cost savings for their projects.


Data Strategy & Management

We help stakeholders develop comprehensive data strategies for their commercial construction projects aligning with their operational and financial objectives. 


Digital Transformation

We also develop detailed methodologies guiding project teams and stakeholders through the digitization process improving operational efficiencies and project outcomes.



Data & Systems Integration

Project & Portfolio Optimisation

Aggregating project data + Establishing AI & ML foundational models enabling the effective application of business intelligence resulting in:

  • Change Capture & Impact Analysis

  • Establishment of Effective Risk Management Strategies

  • Streamlined operations and improved service delivery

  • Reduction in costs & improved predictive outcomes 

Seamless integration of ICT data and software systems to enhance interoperability and data flow including: 

  • Data Streaming for real time project and portfolio reporting​

  • Data Structuring for NLP applications & predictive analytics

  • Establishment of data pipelines between the design, procurement and construction functions


Asset Management

We help stakeholders create a unified and integrated plan for the activation and operation of assets by utilizing their structured project data achieving the following objectives:

  • Establishing a a fully digitised operations and maintenance environment.

  • Facility handover and activation strategies.

  • A single source of truth for asset data shared between project owners, their operators and suppliers.

  • Electronic data handover and cross-functional communication

  • Workflow automation and work order management

Our Expertise

We are seasoned professionals in commercial construction and technology, with a diverse project portfolio spanning the Middle East and Europe.  ATLAS is a trusted partner in this sector, merging decades-long experience managing complex high-value commercial projects with a keen understanding of the complexities surrounding the digitization & operation of large-scale commercial construction projects.


Our technical acumen and deep understanding of the construction industry's nuances enable us to navigate the complexities of project optimisation and digital transformation, specifically for the built environment. 

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Why Choose Atlas?

Construction industry leading

Industry-Leading Experience

Our extensive experience in managing complex commercial construction projects ensures that your data is utilized to its fullest potential, providing you with actionable insights to better monitor and manage your assets

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Tailored Solutions

We offer customized consultancy services that address the unique challenges of each project, optimizing resources, services, and operations to meet your specific needs.

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Proven Track Record

Our reputation for delivering impactful results is built on our ability to help stakeholders make optimal use of interconnected data, enhancing efficiency and productivity across all stages of construction projects.

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