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Cities that invest in smart technology and data connectivity today will be poised to meet the challenges of the future.

Cities that invest in smart technology and data connectivity today will be poised to meet the challenges of the future.

A 'plug and play' for your Smart City ambitions

The Role of Data in the Built Environment

The built environment is an inherently complex landscape with numerous process networks and an ever growing range of data stored in multiple places. Making optimal use of interconnected data is vital if stakeholders are to deliver on their promise of smart city initiatives.  


At ATLAS, data is the language we speak.  


We have both the digital tools and operational experience to help stakeholders create that data-centric digital ecosystem unlocking demonstrable value, both now and in the future. 

Digital Consulting Services

At ATLAS, we provide a 'data first'  approach for stakeholders in the built environment.  We understand that in order to drive true digital transformation, leveraging emerging technologies must also be aligned with strategy, processes and business operations as well as technology stack.  Our team of data experts will work with you to identify and implement the latest technologies and strategies to optimise your systems and processes, enabling the creation of new data-driven services that meet the needs of Smart Cities and their citizens.

Dynamic Data Platform for the Built Environment

We deploy a number of digital tools including, our ATICAS technology, a powerful data platform that pools, aggregates, structures, enriches and analyses data from the growing range of data sources in a city or development.   This data layer then allows us to leverage best-in-class technologies and cloud data services to create application layers and dynamic user interfaces to support the creation of new data-driven services for stakeholders, citizens, businesses and municipalities alike.  

Data Analysis and Reporting

Data from smart infrastructure will enable stakeholders to optimise a variety of urban systems — from waste management to energy efficiency. In numerous case studies, intelligent infrastructure has been shown to lower costs, enhance operational efficiency, and generate new revenue streams. We help our clients make sense of their smart data by providing comprehensive data analysis and reporting services. Using both quantitive and qualitative indicators, we can help you establish KPI's to track how effectively your development is addressing various challenges establishing different benchmarks for your smart infrastructure initiatives.  

IT Project Management

Our integration specialists have extensive experience in overseeing complex IT integrations from start to finish.  We work closely with our customers to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.

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